Oriente Plus/ Power Cut

Oriente Plus/ Power Cut (A Caribbean Story) is a new international touring performance. This exciting new work, written by Pedro De Senna with additional poetry from Lionel M. Macauley and Tarik Ross, welcomes new collaborators, Ashley Antonia Lopez, Viviana Molinares, David D Omni and Peter Osita.


CARTHAGE/CARTAGENA Explores the impact on those displaced and isolated by slavery, human trafficking and forced migration.

In Between Spaces

The performance centres on five characters who perambulate in a world outside of time. A meeting between a Woman and a Man, Time, a Controller and an Oracle takes place in between the space of the digital world and reality.

The Turtle Trails

Initially inspired by Dr Suess’ poem ‘Yertle The Turtle’, the project offers a unique opportunity for young people to learn about turtles through sign language, dance, music, scent and storytelling. ‘The Turtle Trials’ is a fully inclusive, interactive and immersive project, designed to help young people learn more about the environment and how we can all engage more positively with it.