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 "Oriente Plus/ Power Cut" is the first original sign dance theatre outdoor/touring piece created specifically for a "New State of Being".  

"Wicked Signdance playfulness, Incredible musicality and vivacity" TCJ


"This story is about the things that keep us together, even when the world tears us apart—a story about poetry, music and culture.


It is a story that doesn't look like a story but moves in its way, sinuous, snake-like, circling like a vulture, gliding and diving through the air.


It is a story about a mother and daughter losing each other and finding themselves in the memories of all the mothers and daughters that came before them and made them who they are. This is a Caribbean story of power cuts and generators, crossroads and ocean crossings, haunted bodies and dancing souls." Pedro De Senna.

Written and directed by Pedro De Senna and the company  with Tarik Ross Cameron and a special contribution by Peter Osita 

Music- Angelina Schwammerln and David Omni 


Indoor Film- Robert Corcoran 


Touring Production -Artistic Collaborators - Angelina Schwammerlin, David Bower, Isolte Avila, Ivani Ca,   Robert Corcoran, Viviana Molinares 


Engagement -Soobie Whitfield, Golda Dahan, Ivani Ca

 Production Development - Soobie Whitfield Isolte Avila 


 Artistic Director -David K Bower




 Oriente Plus Pack 2023

                Oriente at Slunglow in Leeds 

''It was an absolute pleasure to have Sign Dance Collective and Oriente in The Holbeck. "Oriente Plus" was an incredible eye-opener in the possibilities of accessibility and inclusion. It was fun, slick, thought-provoking and enjoyable, making it a joy to witness and support. 
Working within a non-traditional venue must have provided certain hurdles, but none were too great, and it was a true pleasure to have in the venue. 
We look forward to witnessing the inevitable rise of this company.'' 

From Research to Performance
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