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     Oriente Plus / Power Cut 2022 Tour

 ''I have never seen such an inclusive approach through my many years of working with creative organizations''.

Leona Forsyth, 

The Rothschild Foundation




Project Name


The performances were as varied as the venues, most of them were in public space. We prepared each location in such a way that the audience could take a position from which to have an aesthetic view of the performance space that we had adapted. Each performance was unique. Every place has a different atmosphere. The subsoil, benches, a tree in the center of Graz, a ship in front of the Fishermen's Museum in Brighton, houses, cafés, or the sea. For me as a musician, it was special to explore the different sound behavior of music and the voices of the spoken text in relation to the background noise in order to create an atmosphere in which the theater ORIENTE PLUS/POWER CUT can be experienced by the audience. This had a very lively influence on the composition, which has evolved in constant exchange with the surroundings.


The audience watched the performance with joy, interested and suprise and and we were able to catch passers-by to stop and watch the spectacle. A serious, humorous story yet with the necessary respect for the historical and contemporary confrontation of the oppression of certain cultures and social groups. I found it particularly important to establish art and theater in public space as a matter of course.


The locations of performances have taken us to different countries. The understanding through cultural borders using a common language that connects the people of this world was always an aim of this production. The structure of expression of the story awakens the mythological consciousness and thereby makes it possible to communicate content across language barriers. Sign theatre, dance, music, and words merge into an extremely lively and original form that makes complex, contemporary art understandable and thus appeals to a wide and diverse audience.                              Thanks to Signdance Collective for their progressive work!


Liebe Grüße

Angelina Schwammerlin 



Sebastian High School;

March 18 (by invitation) 

Laporte Farm;  

March 20,1:00 pm  

Barefoot Bay; 

March 19 3:00 pm


The Cockpit;

March 31

Peckham Fringe;

May 24/25, Theatre Peckham (three shows)



Town Hall 7:00 PM

(residency show)


Jam Studios, Marlow;

May 26, Sir William Borlase's

Grammar School Theatre (Indoor)


Brighton Fishing Museum;

June 1-5 (1pm & 3pm) 

(seafront outdoor)


Salisbury International Festival;

June 8

Graz, Austria

KIG (Kultur in Graz);

June 23rd (6pm) 

(balcony outdoor)

Tingle Tangle Festival;

June 24th (5:30pm)


June 25th (6 pm)


Ludlow Festival, The Brewery;

June 29th  (2pm)

Croatia Dalamatian Tour

(in collaboration with Signdance Europe Outdoors)

Pakostane; (outdoor)

July 12 (7:30pm)

Filipjakov; (outdoor)

July 13 7:30 PM

Biograd; (outdoor)

July 15 (7:30pm)

Tkon, Pasman Island; (outdoor)

July 16 (7:30 pm)


(Oriente Plus & project with Theatre Shed/Signdance Next Generation Training Module)

The Elgiva Theatre/Theatre Shed, Chesham;

July 30th, Market High Street  (2pm)


Slung low Theatre;

September, 17th (7:30pm)


Touring with Signdance Collective in Croatia, London and North East England  was wonderful both in a work related and personal sense. The Oriente tour overall has been a great experience and being able to take this work to such beautiful locations that reflects the story itself was creatively rewarding. Seeing local people being exposed to not just Signdance but street theatre in general, maybe for the first time, was extremely fulfilling. The lack of creative inclusion in these areas might  have brought around challenges to all involved, but one that everyone stuck their teeth into to bring these people a new experience.  Apart from the success of the performances, the travelling was greatly beneficial for my personal growth. I was able to work with a wide range of diverse international performers whilst developing my own skills that in-term benefit Signdance.

I will fondly look back at this experience and look forward to having more with this amazing company!

Sam Jones 

This is the first original sign dance theatre outdoor/touring piece created specifically for "New State of Being".  

''Wicked Signdance playfulness, Incredible musicality and vivacity ''



''This is a story about the things that keep us together, even when the world tears us apart. A story about poetry, music and culture. 


A story that doesn’t look like a story, but moves in its own way, sinuous, snake-like, circling like a vulture, gliding and diving through the air" 


  • March Workshop Central School Of Speech & Drama & Workshop Cockpit Theatre. 
    On-Line SDC Next Generation Training 

  • April Piazenca Workshops & Next Generation Training. 

  • June Workshops Graz Austria & Next Generation Training. 

  • July Next Generation Training Pakostane, Croatia.

  • July  Islands Residency Chesham & Next Generation Training. 

  • October Next Generation International Training Croatia


 This July, I had an opportunity to work with Sign Dance International on a festival that was held on the Dalmatia coast in Croatia. I truly loved every minute of it! The experience of working with this wonderful group of professionals was astonishing. They were all extremely kind, supportive and ready to share their huge knowledge anytime. The audience was automatically involved with every performance in every venue. Municipalities where the performances were held, are all interested in new collaboration and organisation of new festivals.
Alda Sovitti Borcilo

 I was given the opportunity to work with various professionals in different countries. Experience Signdance and their work methodology as a member and learned important things, such as taking time and not rushing, not only to facilitate communication between all of us but also helped to feel less anxious about the work and pacing myself to deliver better results for the project .
Ivani Ca

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