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Interview 3
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Peter’s Transcript

P – Peter

S- Soobie 

P. My full name is Peter Ositadinma. I'm residing here in Italy on the island called Sardinia.

S. And are you from Sardinia originally?

P. No, I'm originally from Biafra land.

S. Which is where?

P. From Nigeria 

S. So how long have you lived in, or, when did you move from Nigeria to Sardinia?

P. Actually I have been to other countries before coming to Sardinia. I didn't just leave from Nigeria and came here directly. I’ve been around various other countries of Africa and Asia before getting to Italy. I spent, um, six years here because I have been here completely now... since 2015. One of the things I discovered about the island, especially Sardinia, they have maintained their culture. So many things they have, have been kept the way they were for many centuries.

S. Where would you say you draw your cultural identity from?

P. It’s from Biafra land, from Igbo. Because I lost my parents very, very early, at the age of three to four. After then, we were moved to stay with my grandmother, in the village, the main village – no car. She knew nothing about modern life. She just nourished me with this, um, antique culture.  The whole thing she taught me was all about ancient days, from her own grandparents.  Even the kind of food she cooked has nothing to do with this era’s food. It was because in the care of us she used these, so it was a rich cultural, um, training I received. So, everything about me is so Igbotic.

S. What would you choose to keep, to pass on, and are there things from your life in Sardinia as well that you would choose to keep?

P. I’d choose to keep both. You know... we developed a project, teaching children some African cultures, which taught me a lot about my culture and they probably say that I should keep this culture.

S. And does that influence your music? Tell me a little bit about your music, and what music means to you.

P. I come spiritually alive, which I obtain from my Grandmother. So a lot of my music comes from my dream. So, music is actually our culture because we, in our land, when tragedy happens, the way to get rid of it is by music.  A blessing to me is that the song, always ends on some joyful notes.  So (my grandmother) she was singing for me …. (Peter sings Igbo song)

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