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 Places Faces & Broken Hearts R&D  


                                     Interviews PFBH

Leeds Deaf Theatre at Slungow with Signdance.JPG
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Photos and Film Reviews from the R&D Project Public  Engagement & Company Development 


Training Creation Evaluation 


Based on the Places we live and the People in our lives, our Love and our Broken Hearts, The ''Places Faces & Broken Hearts R&D'' engaged Deaf, Disabled, and Diverse young people, their communities and SDC's Next Generation Artists in developing SDC's new touring project. 
The process included participants learning skills in signdance theatre and creating and sharing their performances in participating communities. Stories told through different art forms are woven into a signdance theatre tapestry, creating the foundation for SDC's new work in the production phase.  

The sound on the film above is purely for rehearsal purposes.  

 Thank you so much for the workshop today. I’ve always thought a lot of great things about your company. Today has made me think even more positively about your company! I hope that at some point I can work with you .


Student Middlesex University 

 SDC's work is necessary and valuable to communities and encourages participation and reach to audiences who don’t engage in theatre in buildings which can be off-putting, alien and even inaccessible to audiences. It’s so important to immerse folk in their everyday spaces. Your integrity, determination, generous spirit, and artistic qualities moved me. 

Assessment Excerpt by Zoe Partington Funded by Arts Council England 

SDC Next Generation  

ACE and The Rothschild Foundation funded the "Next Generation" training and development module focused on public engagement and production-touring processes. The program centres on training six Deaf, Disabled, young and emerging artists to become the next generation of Signdance-Theatre practitioners. They learn about Signdance Theatre, inclusive practice and creating cultural impact. • Three of the "Next Generation'' artists have engaged in the "Places, Faces & Broken Hearts” R&D phase. Their involvement in national/international production is the next step toward increasing our public engagement capacity, continuing this accessible art form and securing SDC's legacy for the future.  

Thank you so much for the workshop today. I’ve always thought a lot of great things about your company. Today has made me feel even more positive about your company! I hope that at some point, I can work with you.


Student Middlesex University 


 Awesome Workshop!  Thank you


Leeds Deaf Theatre director- Katie Redstar

Salty with LDTG .JPG

Together 2012 Review 


We were delighted to be able to host five workshops with the Sign Dance Group at our monthly Dance on Screen Club, which as with all of our activities, now takes place online via Zoom. The company’s unique working methods and creative flexibility made it fully accessible to and inclusive of people with a range of impairments and access needs, including one participant who is deaf and only able to move their neck muscles independently.


The workshops also attracted two participants who attended Together! 2012 activities but not usually Dance on Screen, and generally, the retention held up very well from workshop to workshop although these took place over a seven-month period. Together! 2012 CIC is a Combined Arts organisation and dance is also a visual medium, so the use of paintings - themselves often multimedia - formed a powerful and attractive element, and also helped to engage Team members for whom movement is not one part of their own practice. Newham residents have suffered a great deal due to COVID-19, and there were Team members and participants present who had experienced significant bereavements in the past 18 months.


The thoughtful and reflective subject matter therefore assisted with engagement as well as helping participants to process their grief and produce creative responses.


Overall this was the most successful dance project we have hosted in 11 years, despite being online, and we look forward to working with the company again.

Research Development  & Workshops  


March  20-25  Selly Oak Manor  Birmingham Research Development Community  workshops and R&D performances



April 5-17

New York City  Research Development Film Research and Outdoor Performance Research and at

The Metropolitan Opera House

Central Park NYC

Wilmington North Carolina  


May 4 - 30

Zadar Croatia R&D & Performances

June 21-23 

Graz R&D Performances  Graz Museum & KIG  

August   21 - 23  

Waddesdon Manor  Research  

September  8 -10  Wycombe  Arts Centre  R&D Rehearsals Performances and Next Generation Festival 


 October 2 & 3  University Of Middlesex Research  

October  3-8  Leeds Workshops at Slunglow Deaf Community  

Together 2012 Five  Online Workshops throughout the project 



'The 'Places, Faces & Broken Hearts’, R&D SDC engaged Deaf, Disabled and

Non-disabled Young People, their families, and their communities through community participation and sharing. In addition. We researched  ''Places Faces Broken Hearts'' throughout the project in collaboration with the community participants and local artists. The project helps the company build and strengthen its relationship with new and established partners and institutions. The relationships will allow us

to support our target audiences and communities further.



 USA R&D Film   Research Findings
By Rob Corcoran & David Bower 

CAYLIA PFBH_edited.jpg

USA Collaborators
Caylia Wallace  Sebastian Gomez   Irina Kapan


 Read Zoe Partington's Report about SDC current development  

”Some of SDC’s works are so memorably beautiful, as to be unique in their own context, constantly changing and fluctuating from what is seen as ‘traditional dance/theatre work, sign dance embeds not only a visual spectacle, but unconventional approaches including music as soundscapes, sign and spoken languages to engage different audiences’'

Zoe Partington

 "Researching ''Places, Faces & Broken Hearts'' was a new experience but came naturally. I found it great to discover dance and how I feel through movement. It’s a pleasure to participate in this fluid devising process''. Freddie Churchill

 "The places I have in Israel and in the UK. The faces I faced were challenges and obstacles. The broken heart was my failure to overcome with quick recovery of temptation the person and the children I love. I now have a wiser head and more of a person, since wisdom and pain are good bed fellows." 
Golda Dahan Dancer  

Leeds Deaf Theatre with SDC1.JPG

Participants developed signdance compositions from the paintings from which we have been researching the performance work. With the Leeds Deaf Theatre Company, we focused on sign stories into signdance theatre with the students at Middlesex. We developed the draft script from slow-moving photos. With Together 2012, we created a dance composition from Viviana Molinares's artwork, which inspired the whole process.

Next Generation Artist 

Lila production rehearsals.jpg
PFBH excerpt 1_Kinoprobe Angelina Schwammerin & Isolte Avila
00:00 / 02:08

First Sound  Improvisation by Angelina Schwammerlin and Isolte Avila Kino Cinema Zadar Croatia May 2023

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                           PartnerOrganizations& Associated Events 

                                       The Art Of Silence Project & ERASMUS Latvia,                                                        Croatia, Romania 
                                        KINO Cinema Filipijakov Croatia
                                        Leeds Deaf Theatre UK
                                        Slunglow Leeds UK 
                                        Wycombe Arts Centre UK
                                        Juggling Gypsy Wilmington, North Carolina
                                         IRIDA Dance Croatia
                                         Middlesex University London UK  
                                         Waddesdon Manor UK
                                         Rothschild Foundation UK
                                        Transmitter Performance Graz Austria
                                        Vanderbilt YMCA New York City
                                         Arts Council England
                                         Together 2012
                                         Signdance Europe
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