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Signdance Theatre Performance
     Development Project   


              Paintings by Viviana Molinares 

 Between Sound & Silence

 SDC's work is necessary and valuable to communities and encourages participation and reach to audiences who don’t engage in theatre in buildings which can be off-putting, alien and even inaccessible to audiences. It’s so important to immerse folk in their everyday spaces. Your integrity, determination, generous spirit, and artistic qualities moved me. 

Assessment Excerpt by Zoe Partington 


The performance "Signpulse/ Between Sound & Silence" tells the story of six companions who debate whether sound or Silence is better.
The show explores contemporary communication's impact on diversity and how we must often remember to listen in the race to articulate meaning. Communicated mainly through Music, Sound, Sign-Theatre, and Signdance using little dialogue, the characters vie to posit their viewpoint through a series of hypothetical scenarios that explore the pros and cons of Sound or Silence. 

SDC Next Generation  

 The Rothschild Foundation funded the "Next Generation" training and development module focused on public engagement and production-touring processes. The program centres on training six Deaf, Disabled, young and emerging artists to become the next generation of Signdance-Theatre practitioners. They learn about Signdance Theatre, inclusive practice and creating cultural impact.  Their involvement in national/international  SDC  events is the next step toward increasing our public engagement capacity, continuing this accessible art form and securing SDC's legacy for the future.  

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USA Public Engagement Film  
By Rob Corcoran & David Bower 

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USA Research
Caylia Wallace  Sebastian Gomez  I
rina Kapan


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Selly Manor Birmingham U.K
Erasmus + Croatia Latvia Romania
Transmitter Performance Austria
Kino Cinema / Theatre Filipijakov Croatia
Signdance Europe Croatia
The Art of Silence Latvia

Middlesex University London
Slunglow Leeds  U.K
Wycombe Arts Centre  High Wycombe
Juggling Gypsy Wilmington, North Carolina, USA
Rothschild Foundation UK
73 Degree Films Wales 

Vanderbilt YMCA New York City, USA
Waddesdon Manor Aylesbury 
The Together Fest U.K

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