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History of Signdance Theatre  Major performance works by Signdance Collective’s Directors Signdance Theatre Trust 1986-1999 Signdance Collective International 2000-Current.

All current work is Signdance Collective UK and Sign Dance Collective International Croatia


 The Sign Dance Theatre Trust 1986-1999 

 1986 – "Light Cycle 5 "– Choreography Isolte Avila  Cast - Jenny Sealy  Tim Morrison Alan Landle and Isolte Avila premiered The Place theatre 

 1988 Children's Project-  "Our Town" In-Collaboration with The Unicorn Theatre London.Direction Rebecca Lublinski

Music Christoffer De Graal 

 1987 –1989-  "Enraptured" Choreography –Isolte Avila  premiered Stirling Youth Dance Festival, and The Blackie Liverpool .cast- Golda Dahn, Tony Baynton Isolte Avila Rebecca Lublinski Christoffer De Graal


1990-1991- "Since Then"  Devised by Chantalle Nassari, Rebecca Lublinski, Isolte Avila, and Denise Armstrong Based on The Mayan Bible The Popul Vu Music- Christoffer De Graal Toured throughout the UK 

1989 – 1992 "A Stranger Disintegrates" –  Premiered Place Theatre  Choreography Loyd  Newson and Isolte Avila through a  Digital Award.  Cast-Golda Dahn, Tony Baynton Isolte Avila Rebecca Lublinski Christoffer De Graal  Arts Council London Funded/ Digital Award  Toured Nationally   


1991 – 1992 "Parttraps" Premiered at The Place, London, Choreographed by Royston Maldoom and Isolte Avila   cast - Golda Dahn, Tony Baynton Isolte Avila Rebecca Lublinski Christoffer De Graal  Toured Nationally Supported by Arts Council England


1993-1994 "Waiting" Choreography Isolte Avila dancer - Chris Wilks  & Denise Armstrong 

National tour of Venezuela with the British Council and ChoreoArte 

 Premiere -Coreo Arte director - Carlos Orta  – Venezuela   

 1992 –1996 "Lunera"   Choreography- Isolte Avila  Directed By Carl Proctor Premiered Battersea Arts Centre/ Gallaudet University Washington DC. cast -   Denise Armstrong  Isolte Avila .  –Toured- internationally 


1992-1994 "An Angel or The Old Dream Of Flying" Choreography- Ismael Ivo- cast Isolte Avila, Denise Armstrong, Rebecca Lublinski Christoffer De Graal  Premiered Dorset Several Venues  Arts Council South West Funded Toured Regionally


1994-1997 "What We Want To Say To Juan Jose" Choreography- Isolte Avila Dir – Carl Proctor – cast Isolte Avila, Denise Armstrong  music Christoffer De Graal   Premiered Edinburgh Fringe Festival Toured  Nationally


1994 – 1996 - "Let The Painter Sing"  Choreography- Isolte Avila  & Denise Armstrong Premiered Gallaudet University Washington DC cast Isolte Avila Denise Armstrong  David Bower  Toured Internationally


 1994 -1995- "Ferias" Choreography Isolte Avila Director Joke Menssink with Diagonal Theatre Groep  cast- David Bower, Isolte Avila, Denise Armstrong and Members of Diagonal  Toured Internationally  Creative Europe 


1995 – 2000 "Distant Sisters "premiered Manchester Xtrax  Festival cast- Denise Armstrong, Isolte Avila  Music, David Praties   Toured Internationally 

1996 "Billie Can:, Written by David Bower and Kaite O'Reilly, performed at the Liverpool Deaf Club and The  Edinburgh Fringe Festival 

1996-1997 "Borders and Freeways" Premiered at The Ana Desetnica International Festival Choreography –Isolte Avila cast – David  Bower, Wayne Sharples, Stuart Sinclaire, Music Isolte Avila  Shropshire Arts Funded Toured Internationally


1997 "Aisha Rising" Part 1- Premiered at  Budapest Deaf Arts Festival and Xtrax Festival Choreography Isolte Avila. cast Wayne Sharples, Isolte Avila, David Bower, Stuart Sinclaire Music – David Praties  British Council Funded

1997 "Answer Me With Silence" Choreography –Isolte Avila Dir- Bill Hopkinson  Written By Kaite Oreilly and Isolte Avila. Music- David Praties   premiered –National Tour U.K

SDCI Signdance Collective International  2000-2017

2000 – 2005 "Caliban And Miranda" Direction Garry Robson, Choreography Isolte Avila – Transposition of Tempest – David Bower. Premiered at Ana Desetnica Street Theatre Festival  ) Music Luke Barlow & Several artists  Over 300 performances Supported by  Arts Council England  & Ana Desetnica Festival  

2002-2004- "You Hide, and I'll Go Blow Up The Generator "Direction Goro Osojnik Cho-Isolte Avila, David Bower 

Premiered at Ambersekii International Youth Theatre School Turkey, and Amsterdam Cameleon Theatre, cast – Isolte Avila, David Bower   music –several artists 100+shows  City Of Amsterdam Funded toured internationally

2003-2006- "Aisha Rising " 2 Direction –Goro Osojnik Music Sially Yalciner, Luke Barlow, Choreography-Isolte Avila, David Bower  cast – Isolte Avila, David Bower   Premiered Holton Lee Dorset UK  over 150 performances  British Council Funded Via Tour 

2005-2009- "But Beautiful" based on the Life of Art Pepper  Arts Council England Funded

 Dir Garry Robson, Choreography, Ornella D’Agostino cast – Isolte Avila, David Bower and The Luke Barlow Band Arts Council England –Funded  Internationally Toured to over 50 cities  


 2006-2008 "Named Space "Director –Goro Osojnik –  Writing Brandon Astor Jones, from incarceration on Death row, Music Luke Barlow, Sihally Yalciner USA Clwyd Theatre  Wales.   Choreography –Isolte Avila – cast- Isolte Avila, David Bower  Premiered Graz International Street Theatre Festival – funded by  The Barlow Family 

2009-2012 -  "Dances For A Lost Traveler" Direction /Choreography- Isolte Avila, Primoz Bezjak, Ornella D’ Agostino, Music - Luke Barlow, Mark Holub, Liran Donin  Arts Council England Funded    over 150 performances internationally

2010-2012 "New Gold" (Outdoor) (Cultural Olympiad Programme / Performance )  Direction- Goro Osojnik 

Choreography-Isolte Avila Written by David Bower & Pedro De Senna cast – isolte Avila, Fran Osimani, Laura Goulden, Pedro De Senna, Dexter Hamlett, David Bower. Music Frognal and Dead Days Beyond Help 250 performances Internationally by Arts Council England and Creative Campus Funded Through Create Compete Collaborate. Part of The London 2012  

2012-2015  "Half A Penny "& "The Other Side Of The Coin "Direction -Pedro de Senna, Dramateurg – David Bower, Choreography- Isolte Avila, Music- Dead Days Beyond Help. Cast- Francesca Osimani, Laura Goulden, isolte Avila, David Bower, Dead Days Beyond Help. Premiered , Kulturr WerkStaat , Graz and Ethos International Festival Ankara/On International Tour     

 2014 "Bad Elvis" Collaboration with BBC Radio 4 Directed by Susan Roberts 

 Irina Kaplan  Isolte Avila David Bower Pedro De Senna


 2014- 2018 Carthage  Cartagena By

Supported by Arts Council England and venue partners

Directors –

 Goro Osojnik

Joke Menssink

Pedro De Senna


Touring and Devising Cast/ Creators  Isolte Avila,

David Bower, Lionel Macauley


2016 "Broken City Wall Street" 

Collaboration with Popup Theatrics 

In 2016, SDC joined Pop Up for

Broken City Wall Street 2016

Choreography and Movement Development

Isolte Avila & David Bower

21 performances NYC 

2017-2021 "In Between Spaces"

Collaboration with Transmitter  Performance 

73 Degree Films and LMM Productions

Written By Pedro De Senna 

Funded By Arts Council England & Graz 

& Austria Culture Funds

Choreography Kate Lawrence Director Goro Osojnik 

Ozan Gokman 

 David Bower Angelina Schwammerlin Isolte Avila

Lionel Macauley, Robert Corcoran

The Turtle Trials 2018  Direction Barbara Bulatovic 

and Mike Gould  Arts Council Wales 

Producers -R&D Wendy Paintsil 

Production & Pilot tour Robert Corcoran            

Partners Ucheldre Centre 

 "Oriente" Plus 2019-2023

Written By Pedro De Senna 

Director Samo Oleami 

with support from Ana Desetnica International Street Theatre 

Festival Graz, Styria and  Austria Kultur Funds  Signdance Europe

and Arts Council England  See the project pages. 

See current Projects here. 

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