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 Lionel Macauley review of the Carthage Tour. The production of Carthage

'' Carthage is a great success. The four of us took it upon ourselves to put

equal input into the work. In other words, we became directors as well as artists. Every team goes through bumpy roads throughout their journey, but you never have a journey unless you

can overcome some adversity. No matter what we went through as a team, we went through it and

consistently executed every night we performed Carthage. I was also fortunate to work with a diverse cast that loves collaborating with others. They allowed me not only

to travel throughout Europe but also to build relationships with all types of artists and bring light to the disability arts for every race, gender, religion, etc. SDC has always taken care of me.

 They are some of the hardest working, unselfish people/artists I've ever worked with in my ten years of being an artist. And the journey continues...

Lionel M. Macauley  1992-2020


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