SIGN DANCE COLLECTIVE INTERNATIONAL  Zadar, Croatia

                        A  Cultural Bridge between Deaf, Hearing, Diverse Artists and Audiences


  • Sign Dance Collective Internationational and Sign Dance Europe are our new European-based organizations 

  • The European base is in Zadar Croatia and  The Village of Pakostane 

  • The company is the European base for the development of Signdance Theatre and from there we will continue our European collaborations and continue our important development as a European partner in the development of inclusive art & culture 

  • There are several artists and companies we are working with. One of these is Transmitter Performance in Graz Austria. With them, we are developing a  new European touring map for our work 

  • With  Ana Monro in Slovenia, we are  continuing to develop street theatre performances  and    inclusive performance & education 

  • Finally, we are partnering Dalmatia Adventures in Pakostane, Croatia with the support of the local council to develop workshops,  and our European Signdance Inclusive creative summer schools which combine performance and the exploration of the surrounding nature. 

  • Sign Dance Collective Croatia  will also  partner with Signdance Collective in the UK to access the UK based company and  UK artists and partners to European collaborations continuing the tradition of building bridges between cultures  

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Sign Dance Collective International  & Signdance Collective UK (Croatia)


 We are touring ‘’In Between Spaces’’ reimagined and re-dramaturged by Goro Osojnik – Ana Monro.

'' The performance will stay with me for a long time ...A masterful composition,  highly professional''

Gunther Zweidick (Kulturforum Badradkersburg)


The funding for the development of the project has been a collaboration between Arts Council England, The Austrian Government, the UK Government, Styria, Austria, and The City Of Graz .