The Hybrid Fest
6th - 21st August 
workshops, open rehearsals,  work in progress sharings for SDC's brand new show, ''Oriente Plus'',  international diaspora open mic nights,''The Land Of I Exhibition'', new commissions, Caribbean cocktails & more !

Production -

Signdance Collective with Wycombe Arts Centre
contact:  https://wycombeartscentre.com/events  

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THE HYBRID FEST Stepping Out Of The Digital

Festival Dates and Events:

August 6th Festival Launch featuring Lasana Shabazz commissioned by Signdance Collective. *Bar Open

August 7th 7:00 pm “MACA diaspora international open mic night” featuring Punch Record Artists & including local & international. Bar Open

performance exchanges by High Wycombe & New Jersey artists.  

Curated by Cayla Wallace with Michelle Macauley, in honour of Lionel Macauley

*Bar Open

August 8th  12:00 noon-5:00pm Opening of ‘’The Land Of I’’ Visual Arts Exhibition curated by Tabitha Gunstone Pollock & Featuring Filmmaker- Robert Corcoran 73degreefilms  music in the garden  (Exhibition is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays Thursdays, Fridays Saturdays & Sundays) *Bar & Cafe Open 

August 9th 10th 11th

12-5 pm Rehearsals ‘’Oriente Plus’’ open to the public

*Cafe open 

August 12th 5:00 & 9:30 pm Signdance “Oriente Plus” work in progress performance, Roundabout Theatre Performance and guests *Bar open  

August 13th Open Mic Night  7:00pm-11:00pm *Bar open 

August 14th 8:00 pm ‘’In Between Spaces'' international touring Performance *Bar Open

August 14th & 21st Three Island Workshops led by New Jersey’s, Through Your Eyes Company Caylia Wallace & SDC’sinternational Community Arts Coordinator Soobie Whitfield *Cafe Open

Throughout the festival Music in the Garden 

August 15th SDC on tour at Wembley Stadium with ‘’In Between Spaces’’

August 18th ‘’In Between Spaces’’ on tour at Punch Records Birmingham

August 19th 5:00 pm-9:30 pm Commission Performance Zoe Partington, Kate Lawrence and guests *Bar Open

August 21st 7:00 pm ''MACA'' open mic night (New Jersey meets High Wycombe) & Robert Corcoran “Land Of I Work” New Work In Progress Commission “ *Bar Open

Festival Closes

"Hypnotic, poetic, and unruly. "The Signdance Collective represents the ungovernable energy of art itself, railing and raging against tyrannical forces. Beautiful to behold".

Caridad Svich.



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