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As time passes, we're heading to our home
The time is ringing bell we're going back to home
A day will start without me
The time is chasing me 
The road is getting shorter 
I'm running out of time 
I tried to pause the time monster came out two hills after me 
I picked up a race oh my God someone should help my soul
A lady came from valley, she took me from the hell and gave me helping hands so I wouldn't rush again. sweet-daughter of Zion
She said the time is flying 
I said that I'm a pilot
I jumped into a tractor
The tractor couldn't fast enough 
I jumped into a car there I started reminiscing 
See the sky is disappearing
Ndi nk'anyi are vanishing
where is this time running to?
So quickly and passing us?
Tighten up your shoes let's chase it, nwanne! k'anyi so wee ya!
Tighten up your belt nwanne, k'anyi so wee ya!
Tighten up your shoes nwanne, tu mi senti?
Tighten up your shoes nwanne sentito

By Peter Ositadinma Ani

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