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                   THE SIGNDANCE  GROUP 
Sign Dance Collective International Croatia  
Signdance Europe 

Signdance Collective U.K


CALM Prayer
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"Hypnotic, poetic, and unruly.

The Signdance Collective represents the ungovernable energy of art itself, railing and raging against tyrannical forces. Beautiful to behold".  

Caridad Svich, Playwright  New York City



The Signdance Group, International Signdance Theatre Pioneers are based in the UK and Croatia and led by a team of Deaf, disabled, and diverse producer/artists.

Signdance Collective's work in  SIGNDANCE THEATRE  began in 1987 in London.

SigndanceTheatre fuses sign-theatre, dance, and live original music. In 2001, the directors, Isolte Maria Avila De Graal and David Bower, started re-developing Signdance Theatre into an international touring group based in Amsterdam, Holland, and Buckinghamshire, England.


As the company began collaborating with artists worldwide, the touring grew exponentially.  

In 2020, we began developing Signdance Europe and Sign Dance Collective International in Zadar and Pakostane, Croatia. The Signdance Group comprises two companies and a European-wide trust.

 We undertake cultural exchange/international collaborative practice from our UK and European bases, producing, collaborating, and touring with Signdance Theatre nationally and internationally. 

 Signdance exists to develop, tour, and engage with communities worldwide, utilizing its powerful, inclusive, entertaining way of creating performances.  


  " Sign Dance Collective's work is an incredible eye-opener in the possibilities of accessibility and inclusion. Slick, thought-provoking and enjoyable, making it a joy to witness and support."  Slunglow Leeds, U.K

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