Canolfan Ucheldre

Working on ocean scene, 2018


"Hypnotic, poetic and unruly. Signdance Collective represents the ungovernable energy of art itself, railing and raging against tyrannical forces. Beautiful to behold"            

Caridad Svich, 

No Passport Conference,

New York, 2014

In Between Spaces

In Between Spaces centres on four characters who perambulate in a world outside of time. A meeting between a man, a woman, time and an Oracle takes place in between the space of the digital world and reality. Nobody is sure if they are human or digital echoes electronically seared into our minds.

The story investigates identity in the age of transient digital glitches. Real-life experiences become tangled within digital interactions.  Among hopes of sunny days, memories of bus trips and alleyways, their paths mirror one another as they criss-cross between the screen and real-time. The work explores whether humans can exist and communicate in two spaces at once and at what price”.

In partnership with 73degree Films, Transmitter Performance LMM Productions, Arts Council England

The company has been awarded a production touring grant from the Arts Council of England. Please follow the link for tour dates and further details.

The Turtle Trials

Initially inspired by Dr Suess’ poem ‘Yertle The Turtle’, the project offers a unique opportunity for young people to learn about turtles through sign language, dance, music, scent and storytelling. ‘The Turtle Trials’ is a fully inclusive, interactive and immersive project, designed to help young people learn more about the environment and how we can all engage more positively with it.

 The project breaks down barriers that constrain inclusivity and provide an important access point for all young people (including BME, deaf and disabled people) to enjoy a fun, powerful, exciting and educational experience.

 The audience will learn about various concepts through a unique fusion of signdance theatre and several languages (Welsh, Spanish, English and International Sign), helping to break down communication barriers and open up discussions about where we live and our sense of belonging in a highly visual and inclusive manner.  “We are looking forward to welcoming children and their families across North Wales to the Turtle Trials...the workshops are guaranteed to be fun and a chance to explore the stories of turtles and conservation.” David Bower


Four years in the making, this major production of Caridad's Svich's "Carthage/Cartagena" continues to astound and move audiences worldwide with its simple human truths lovingly told. A sincere production with a genuine message.


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Canolfan Ucheldre

Working on ocean scene, 2018

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