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Pierre's Response: Interview 2

Pierre's Response: Interview 2

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Interview 2

Transcript of Interview with Pierre , a talented deaf dancer from Lebanon

My name is Pierre and I live in  Lebanon.


I don’t think that Lebanon can be compared to an island. Lebanon is not isolated but it is at the centre - between Europe, Asia and Africa. 


Sometimes ( being deaf) I feel like I am on an island , especially when I am alone. But when I am with people who are deaf or hearing  I am no longer on the island. 


My family is close to me. I have a sister who is hard of hearing too. 


My island would be multi colourd because everything in nature has a different colour.


People who are on my island have another language - other signs, other gestures, other movement. 


Dance and music are very important to me. My favourite  dance style is contemporary. This style is not sufficiently developed in Lebanon.  It is not a style specific to my culture. 


There is specific sign language in Lebanon. Signs with us are not uniform; they sometimes differ from one region to another. It also differs from the sign language of different countries. There is a different alphabet. Sometimes certain signs look the same or are similar. 


My identity comes from my early love for dance. I love the stage and traveling. The stage allows me to express myself. 


My island meal would be vegetarian and holy. I would share it with my friends. It would be in the middle of nature, in the mountains.

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